Home Schooling

There are many reasons for home schooling your children and one of the main issues appears to be with learners not settling into a school environment; which can be due to bullying, not happy with the school system, health reasons or as a stop gap in-between schools.

One of the difficulties parents/guardians face with home schooling is sourcing resources, as the assistance from the local authorities is very limited. This is something that can be helped by using an online learning college and there are a few who will take learners from Reception year, through Key Stage 1,2 and 3 including GCSEs and A Levels.

The different years of schooling will be reflected in the type of teaching, as learners in say Reception year, will be taught differently to those in Key Stage 3 and the teaching should always be fun and engaging such a Mr Brown's Reception Year Class.

Learners can thrive in home schooling and it is important to provide them with all of the tools available to help them grow.

Following school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many children did not return to a school environment with the parents that were able, embarking on home schooling their children themselves.

It is true that home schooling did drive some parents to distraction as when you have other commitments such as work and caring for others, time is limited and also energy levels just aren't there to enable you to be a super hero. In those circumstances, the load may have been lifted if suitable resources were available and online Tutors were there to answer questions rather than google.

Progress is constantly being made in the home schooling field and home schooling may one day be the norm.