English and Maths Level 2

English and Maths Level 2, has been the go-to qualification for Colleges and Universities for some time; with different options available to gain these qualifications.

Now it would seem, most employers are also jumping on this band wagon insisting that job applicants hold these qualifications before even entertaining them for an interview.

There are various ways to gain these qualifications, depending on the timescale required but most people opt for Functional Skills, which is the quicker option.

Functional skills online can be completed within 4 to 6 weeks for participants who are willing to sacrifice their time and commit to their studies; with examinations dates at various times in the month, so it really is flexible.

As an alternative, IGCSE English and Maths course can be completed fairly quickly, although learners should be aware, that examination dates are only two to three times a year; so if this is required urgently, Functional Skills may be the better choice.

With Covid-19 pandemic playing a part in education over the last 12 months, many learners are now assessing their options in order to get on top of their studies. Valuable study time has been missed due to home schooling and a lot of catching up is required in order get back on top of the curriculum and fill the gaps.

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